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Behind the Camera

I am an ordinary mom of  two  and an animal lover.  We have three rescue dogs and one funny cat.   I also love good creative foods and watching movies!  I would love to travel more when kids are bigger. 

I started photography to document my kids' growth with eyes of mom.    I quickly realized I want near perfection for my photography, so I studied and practiced intently!  

Dance Photography requires the eyes of precision and mind of creativities patience.  

I really enjoy meeting people through my work!  I would love to learn about you and would love you to learn about me in order to help each other to capture the true moments of you.  First step is to contact me.  I can't wait to meet you!

Cincinnati Dance photographer



Thank you so much for the gorgeous headshots!  I am in love with your work and being able to be a part of your work.      

Melissa Gelfin, Cincinnati Ballet Principal dancer

Hiromi is an absolute joy to work with. She has excellent vision and is able to capture the most beautiful and memorable shots. I have worked with her on many occasions on everything from ballet, to pets, to maternity! She truly has a gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone, for any occasion!!!

Courtney Conner Jones, Oklahoma City Ballet company dancer

She is my favorite photographer. I'm so picky, but she captures the essence of the person and makes it beautiful in her shoots!

Sigrid Guemez 


Hiromi's photography is amazing but there's more to it. Hiromi was able to put my daughter at ease in front of the camera and capture her personality as well as her ability. She has a quiet, gentle spirit that comes across as you work with her on projects.

Melinda Jones


Beautiful photography. She captures the moment in wonderful detail. Forever memories created by Hiromi..

Susan Reese


I am blown away by Hiromi's talent as a photographer. I  buy every picture she takes of my child dancing because they are all incredible!!!!!

Stacy Meschoulam

Thanks! Message sent.

Email:               Phone:  (513) 602.2586

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