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Audition photos

audition photo, first ararbesque
audition photo
audition photo, headshots

Audition is part of dancer's life.  Summer Intensive audition, college application, company audition..... It can be very exciting and overwhelming for dancers and their families.  First, you will need to congratulate yourself for your accomplishment so far.  You tried your best to polish your techniques.

Let me help capture all the goodness you gained in all these years in your audition photos.

Feet, arms, head, neck, knees, turn out, facial expression, fingers, angles.....We will work together to get your best audition photos that will impress the judges.

I typically use white background so there is not distraction.  If you prefer different color background, other solid colors are available.

Before your photoshoot, make sure you need what poses you are required to submit. Tights and pointe shoes need to be clean.  Light street make up are recommended for headshots.

Photos are delivered in digital formats for your convenience.

Perfecting a first arabesque takes time and patience.  You do not want to rush it. Please plan accordingly. 

45minuets/$350 (5-10 poses)

When we have extra times, we can do some fun shots!  So bring your favorite leotard and nude leotard if you would like to wear one of the fancy dresses!

If you require more than 60 minuets, please contact me.

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