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Rental Dresses and Tutus

Would you like to make your photograph even better with fancy dresses or tutus? 

All the dresses are high quality and beautiful,  ready to dance with you.

Contact me ahead of time for availabilities and sizing.

Black lacy assymetrical


Spring Flower dress

Gray chiffon midi dress

White overdress with gold embroidered lace

Dark gray long dress

Blue and white lace dresses

Chiffon lace cape

Blue ombre gown

child's black tutu

White tutu

blue ombre tutu

Child's white tutu

Champagne chiffon dress

Lilac gown

Cherry blossom dress

White sweet heart dress

Blush midi dress

Green handkerchief dress

Pink sparrow dress

Green strapless dress

Drak green dress with leather trim

Soft Gray with flower appliqué

Gold ombre tutu

Merlot strapless gown

Romantic chiffon gray dress 

Navy blue strapless dress

Black lacy strapless gown

Mermaid slip dress

Meadow midi dress

Vine of flower blush dress

Black lacy dress with long sleeves

Flower ruffle strap dress

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