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Every moment of your life is an Art. 

Hiromi Platt

Welcome to Hiromi Platt Photography!

 Fine Art Dance Photographer, Cincinnati Ohio. 


Do you want to capture the shining moments of your life forever?

Let's make art of your life together! 


My main focus is photographing dancers on and off stage. You grow every year and each year you are different dancer.   Photographing your each milestone and cherish them is the best gift to yourself.  Your body is the instrument to the music and every move that you make is a word to poetry.  Why not capture it in the way you deserve?


I also thoroughly enjoy working with families, seniors, and animals. 

My passion with dance and animals came together when "Dance with the Paws" project was born.  I have been featuring rescued animals posing with our dancers from baby to professional to promote adoptions.  All proceeds made by this project go to the animal shelters and adoption events like My Furry Valentine.

Thank you for choosing me and I can't wait to meet you soon!

Cincinnati dance photography
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